Other People's Pac-Man Art

Since I have a gallery of Pac-Man art, people like to send me links to other Pac-Man art out there. I think I'm the only one who really did a whole series, though. There's some cool stuff out there.

This image is from http://www.legentilgarcon.com/framesetoeuvres.htm
select a work > 2003-2004 > pac-man (adv)

I'm not sure I like the teeth, but it would not be much of a sculpture without them.

I'm struck by how much this looks like a pug skull...

This one's called "You Promised No One Would Get Hurt," by Andrew Bell. I think the facial expressions in this one are great, and I like how Pac-Man's mouth is full of dots.

This one is by Idan Shani, an illustration made for the erotic visual arts magazine Forno "1st issue - Cunnilingus". http://www.shanidan.com/

I can't remember where I found this one, but I think it's by someone named "Martin." I love how the characters sort of mesh smoothly with a flexible floor.
And finally, there's some tagger in Ottawa who likes to paint ghosts around centretown, my hood.


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