I have a fine-looking spinal cord. Ladies control yourselves.

I was a volunteer for an FMRI experiment. I was paid a little bit and was told I could have a copy of the scan. I got put in the spinal cord group rather than the brain group. They asked me if that was okay, and I told them that I'd rather be in the brain group but I appreciated the importance of random assignment. So spinal cord it is. Here's the picture I got. The experiment involved making my hand cold. I don' t know if this is my spinal cord when my hand is cold or not. Feel free to give your opinions in the comment section.

I wanted to to this because I read and cite FMRI studies but had never experienced one. Also, it was a neat challenge I was up for, to stay absolutely still for two hours. I am proud to say I was very good at holding still. When I got out of there I could barely move. Now I know why you toss and turn during sleep. I'd hate to wake like that every morning.


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