Pug Shopping: The Dog Show

Turns out my floor in Carleton will be under construction and full of noise for the month of July, which means I will work from home. Expecting loneliness, I accelerated my search for a companion: an adult pug. I called a dog breeder in town, but he didn't breed pugs, and he referred me to a dog show. My friend Tonya drove me to it. No pugs the day we went. But I got a great picture of me with Alison's favorite dog, the Brussels Griffon. See image.

The next day was the pug competition, so I shelled out $40 for a round trip taxi ride and saw the cute little guys. See picture. Note the wrinkly head of a Char Pei on the left. I got a couple of names, and I'm following up on them now.

Check out this cute picture of a pekingese. Just a dome of fur with a face. Also note the ice pack he liked to sit on, because it was hot and he had a big fur coat on. Cute! To see more pictures from the show, see my new flickr account at


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